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Eslam, Egypt
foi muito bom pra mim obrigado
Ana, Brazil
I wanna give 2 thumbs up, because it acts as a personal doctor for my laptop. Especially for .dll problems. Thank you very much!
Suroj, Cyprus
good service
Likhit, Thailand
it's a very good software
Priyank, India
Wow, this is good! :D
After installing and using the fixer program, it seems to have cleared up my problem.
Oliver, US
gracias por su ayuda,
Leonard, Mexico
Everything worked okay
Joe, US
Your website provided the dll files and easy instructions on where to place the files. The application now runs perfectly. Thank you so very, very much!

Thanks so much for this website, that downloading the files are free and the needed dll's to fix my Garmin Mobile PC were easy as Pie to find. Keep Up the Great Work. You made my day, and lately thats not an easy task. PC's, and Software manufactures are making it harder and harder to use there products for only God knows why, but you saved the me from throwing my netbook out the window at 70mph at a concrete divider b/c garmin mobile pc wouldn't start. Thanks again and please stay free, malware free, and continue doing good by people.
I just wanna say that your website has save me over a million times. I solved the 99% of the problems i had.

John B.
At first, I didn't knew that there are websites that provide these missing .dll files. I thought to give it a try to search in the Internet, and then I saw this link to this site.
And what I saw was the download link to the .dll file that I needed to run my software. I feel grateful for this site, thanks a million.

Sydney, Australia
This site is great for my wine install

I don't have to worry about having to install windows any more thanks to this website :-)

/ Steve
Everytime I have ever had a .Dll file problem, You are the first I turn to. I have been a faithful member of since it's first week. I bow my head in respect to the amount of times you have saved my computers and my friends. May reign in history as supreme mendors of the PC for all ages.
Dear Guys, you gys are gr8.

I have not found a single site more useful than yours .
and trust me when i say that i have travelled almost all over the net. :)

keep up the good work.
yeah, this site is so useful. Very much appreciated. Saved the day a couple times now.
Thank you for this Dll you dont know how many time we use this site to download it. your awesome.
/ The Computer GUY
I really thank this site for helping me get many dll files i needed for my games. Again thanks for the people behind this site i lvoe you!!
Gracias por darme el archivo, estoy muy contento. Chao y buena suerte.Thanks for the file, you are great. Bye.Alfredo from Chile
Thanks! Your download did the trick and is greatly appreciated!

i want to kiss you!
This is a very helpful site for us as we are working with Hewlett Packard as Tech Support and it actually helps reduces the chance of doing a complete system recovery for desktops if a dll file is missing. Overall its a great site for us.
Just wanted to say thanks as have had problem with computer for days and your download fixed the problem instantly.

Portsmouth UK
What a brilliant, brilliant site!
Everything is so easy to find, you've had everything
I've been looking for, it's a pleasure to visit this site.
I wish they were all like you! I don't know what I'd do without you. : )
Best regards,
Liz Jordan
Toronto, Canada
A tech at AOL suggested I search Google and Google listed you in the top position. Prior to that I didn't know what I was going to do, short of calling Microsoft and paying big bucks for help.

Thank You, Jerry, Tacoma Washington,USA
You guys are GODS!
I've been bugged for ages with a Windows pop up everytime my system starts up..
telling me it can't find this sp.dll file.... Anyway... you guys gave me the cure!!


Best Wishes,

Tom Cunningham.
I've already downloaded five or six times from this site, and, I can tell you this
is a great help, and this kind of help, is only provided by professionals.

Steve Venner
I work for gateway tech support and I send people here all the time I don't see anything you should change. The files I needed are not listed but I am sure you will help me with that.
MAN you helped me fix a bad problem! My graphics editor for my business wouldn't work because i was missing a DLL file. Well i came to your site and you had it.

Thanks again you saved me and earned my $200. I'll donate to you sometime.

Jonathan Calderon
Your site is very usefull for us Thank You.
Gracias from Argentina.

Mauricio Giusto.
Soporte Tecnico.
I have been using windows for many years and this is the first time I have found this site. It would be greatly appreciated if it is part of
tutorial or inserted in the links/bookmark area as a reference.
The important thing is you have made it available to your users and for this you get a great big 'Thumbs Up!!'....thanks a bunch. Pam
This an excellent site that you produced; I always go here first!
I think this is an excellent site for anyone who's missing a .dll file.
Thank you for your time in developing this site.
just a comment...Thank you SO MUCH! I was going crazy trying to get these drivers to rip some cd's. Please know you are doing a good thing, for FREE..for a lot of people!
This site is such a great idea. I don't know how many times tindows has randomly deleted one of its own dll's, forcing the occasional reformat and install. This place is a life saver.
I thank you guys from the bottom of my heart for creating such a great website.
May God bless you all!
Thanks again.
I think what you have done here is tremendous, I wasn't sure if I would
fine the file I was looking for and this website was the first I clicked
on and found my file.
This must surely be the most needed site ever in windows land.
99% of all troubles is probably dll files.
Excellent site i do appreaciate your help in making it so easy to locate the lost dll.file my system required
Thank you
This site is really great! I have used it a few times and have gotten just what I needed. You have made the search for dll's soooo simple!
Thank you!
i think your great --your helped save me and my frind lots of time i've got you right at the top of my recomanded sites
I just wanted to thank you for your website. It was very helpful in fixing a minor problem I had with my computer. :)

An extremely useful resource - it's got me out of trouble several times.
Very easy to find out if what you need is listed. Simple, clear and functional.
Exactly as it should be. Well done. is owned and operated by Tilf AB, Sweden. Website contents and the collection of DLL files as a whole (falls under the “collection copyright” laws) are © Copyright Tilf AB 1998-2016